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Romance Novels

Prepare to get emotionally attached and find yourself whisked away by the characters in each of these novels about love and its unpredictability.   


"I just finished reading Unwanted Love and completely fell in love with the characters. What's best about this book is that it's 100%'s so realistic you feel like Kat and Jax are your friends, falling in love before your very eyes. The pace was perfect, as were the details. I literally didn't put this down until I fell asleep and quickly finished the next morning."

about Unwanted Love

“One thing that I love about this writer is her ability to really throw the reader a few curves along the way. Yes, it is a romance but it is also a mystery, a whodunit, and an inspirational story all wrapped up in one neat package. Just when I thought I knew what the next page would bring to Charlotte and David I was surprised. Unpredictable and well written, Broken Home, offers far more than the average boy meets girl love story. It evokes real feelings from the reader time and time again.”

about Broken Home

“What a great book! This is Rachel's debut novel and I have to say it is a fabulous one! This story is well-written story with the perfect blend of drama, romance & humor. I did not want to put this book down. It had me laughing, cussing, stressing out and also had moments that made me tear up. I loved the emotions I was able to FEEL throughout the story. And let's not forget the steamy love scenes! I was fanning myself quite a few times.”

about Home

“I cannot say enough good things about this book and encourage anyone looking for a real love story to pick this up.”

“Even better than the first! I don't love to read and I couldn't put this book down!”

“I would absolutely recommend this book. The author did an amazing job describing the characters. You can't help but love - or hate - each one! The story is beautifully told, with every emotion from belly laughs to tears springing up throughout.”

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